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  • Section: "DATAPROVIDER"
  1. Data provider: Berkshire Reptile and Amphibian Group

  2. Data provider: Biological Records Centre

    The Biological Records Centre, established in 1964, is a national focus for biological recording, principally through support and collaboration with national recording schemes and societies.

  3. Data provider: BIS for Powys & Brecon Beacons National Park

    BIS provides a means to ensure that the best possible use is made of local wildlife records for its protection.

  4. Data provider: Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland

    BSBI helps people learn more about plants and make a contribution to world-class science. We do this by fostering an appreciation and understanding of our wild plants and offering opportunities to learn more about them in a friendly, supportive environment. We bring beginners and experts together and provide our network of volunteers with a dedicated support system as they undertake high quality research across Britain and Ireland. Acting in the public interest to advance our scientific knowledge, BSBI is laying down a legacy for the future by producing data and interpretation which help conserve and protect our wild plants.

  5. Data provider: Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre

  6. Data provider: British Bryological Society

    The BBS has a full programme of field meetings, a paper reading meeting, recording and research projects, an international academic journal and a lively membership magazine. Find us on Facebook:

  7. Data provider: British Dragonfly Society Recording Scheme

    Promoting and encouraging the study, conservation, public awareness and understanding of Dragonflies and their habitats in the UK.

  8. Data provider: British Lichen Society

    The BLS works to promote the study and conservation of lichens and their habitats and welcomes all who are interested, from beginner to expert.

  9. Data provider: British Mycological Society

  10. Data provider: British Myriapod and Isopod Group

    Actively developing identification resources and encouraging recording to improve our knowledge and conservation of centipedes, millipedes and woodlice and waterlice.