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  1. species: Necora puber (Linnaeus, 1767)  – Velvet swimming crab

    Taxon group: crustacean

    Necora puber (Linnaeus, 1767)
    Necora puber

  2. species: Henningsomyces puber (Romell ex W.B. Cooke) D.A. Reid

    Taxon group: fungus

    Henningsomyces puber (Romell ex W.B. Cooke) D.A. Reid
    Henningsomyces puber

  3. species: Nectria decora Fuckel

    Taxon group: fungus

    Nectria decora Fuckel
    Nectria decora

  4. species: Agyneta decora (O.P.-Cambridge, 1871)

    Taxon group: spider (Araneae)

    Agyneta decora
    Agyneta decora (O.P.-Cambridge, 1871)

  5. species: Empis decora Meigen, 1822

    Taxon group: insect - true fly (Diptera)

    Empis decora Meigen, 1822
    Empis decora

  6. species: Tricholomopsis decora (Fr.) Singer  – Prunes And Custard

    Prunes And Custard, Prunes and Custard

    Taxon group: fungus

    Tricholomopsis decora
    Tricholomopsis decora (Fr.) Singer

  7. species: Portunus puber (accepted name Necora puber)

    Portunus puber

  8. species: Liocarcinus puber (accepted name Necora puber)

    Liocarcinus puber

  9. species: Macropipus puber (accepted name Necora puber)

    Macropipus puber

  10. species: Cancer puber (accepted name Necora puber)

    Cancer puber